Quilt to Go, Continued

At the last post I left you off here:

With the intention of making a 4 square wall hanging.

Things can change when it comes to fabric and thread, especially when there is a quilt shop involved.

I happened to visit (okay, it was planned – don’t you scope out the quilt shops when you travel?) a quilt shop that had the same fabric that I was using from my stash.

When we have sweets in the house my husband will say they “call out” to him. Well, I have to admit, I have the same problem when it comes to fabric. The fabric I found was not happy until I put it in my basket and that made me very happy.

Having more fabric allowed me to put sashing between my blocks.

In case you didn’t notice my 4 panel wall hanging turned into a 6 panel piece. A little big for a wall hanging and a little small for a lap quilt.

Hummmm, what to do, what to do, what to do……

Make a bigger quilt! A perfect solution, I used the fabric I purchased and made something useful.

As this quilt grew, I did wonder what I was going to do with it, though I really did like the thought of keeping it. I tend to pray when I quilt, usually for the person I am making the quilt for, but in this case, when I started there was not an intended recipient.

However, that changed when I added the fabric sashing. The cream borders would be a perfect place to use for autographing and I knew just who the owner would be. There is a Godly well-respected man in our church that was recently diagnosed with a devastating disease that will too soon take his life.

Those areas became a perfect background for members of our congregation to write in their thoughts, prayers and verses.

This quilt is called “Southwood’s Prayers” and my hope is whenever he or a member of his family use this quilt, they feel the prayers of their church family and others that love them.

Little did I know the one panel wall hanging I was making would become a 12 panel lap quilt full of memories.


What quilt have you made that became more than you intended?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie

P.S. I think I may have enough fabric to make another for me…..:)

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  • val

    What a beautiful and inspiring gift Jackie!!! I can see why this is a favorite! You truly inspired me today!

  • Vivian

    Love the journey this quilt took and love how it finished up! I hope this quilt brought great comfort to the man during his final journey and some solice to his family afterwards. Thanks for sharing this again through Val’s Archive linky!

  • What a lovely idea. It’s interesting how things in life unfold and reveal themselves in their own good time. I’m certain this quilt is well loved.