Quilt to Go

Here is another camping/quilt project from this summer while visiting my daughter where I made 3 skirts for her over here.  This is a project/quilt with a story.

I purchased a kit that would make a
one-block mini wall hanging with embellishments (yet to be done). Only this was a square on steroids because I found other fabric in my stash that would go with it and I thought it would be nice to make a 4 panel/square wall hanging so I brought the fabric with me.

Like my design wall…. Only place large enough in a trailer is the bed. Good thing my husband didn’t want to take a nap…

I ran into a slight problem however. I had plenty of fabric for the 4 patch squares in my stash but no fabric that would match the borders in the kit. So what’s a quilter to do, you ask? Well, find a quilt store and buy fabric. It’s a travesty I know, but someone has to do it (you can thank me later).

My four squares laid out for piecing.

Well the story doesn’t end here, it just gets better, but that is for another day.


What quilting stories do you have to tell?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie