Sewing Dilemma

Remember this quilt, that I started over here?

It now looks like this, basted and ready to quilt:

It is a bed quilt that I have specifically planned for my bedroom. A first, as most of my quilts are given away. In the meantime our room is going to get a make-over with new windows, paint and blinds.

Now you may be wondering about the dilemma. Well that stems from a conversation I had with my husband. We have relocated our bedroom furniture, bathroom items and most of our clothes closet to various parts of the house, making things a little (okay maybe not a little) chaotic. I am ADHD, and a little OCD and you add chaos in the mix and you have one stressed mama (that’d be me).  Now believe me when I tell you I have worked hard not to nag my husband about completing the room as he works long hours at his job, and at our church and I am unable to paint (allergies) so it is all up to him to do the painting, hang the windows etc.

It has been a couple of weeks since we have been displaced and I asked if he had a time frame in mind on when he thought it would be complete. His question back to me was, “Is the quilt done?” Ouch.

So, it would seem a simple matter for me to finish the quilt. Not so simple. I really don’t know how I plan to quilt it yet. For those of you that don’t quilt you need to know your quilt will talk to you and tell you how to quilt it. Sometimes you know as you are making it, other times it is a process that happens over time. Sometimes months.

I guess it is time to take down the other projects, hang the bed quilt and let it talk to me.

In the meantime, to free my mind from quilting, I plan to use this fabric to make a skirt for someone.

So what is your fabric or quilt saying to you?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie

P.S. I decided to start quilting my quilt, too soon, I will be starting over. 🙂