Fun Fabric Finds

I was never one to purchase fabric unless I had a specific purpose in mind, meaning it was designated for someone and had a deadline. Otherwise any fabric I fell in love could be designated for any “purpose” regardless of how relevant that “purpose” was.

This however is fabric, “just because,” that arrived in the mail the other day. I just love coming home from work and finding a package filled with fabric.

For those kindred spirits out there, I know you understand the thrill of seeing all these colors winding around each making such a pretty pattern. This particular pattern is the “Tried & True” collection by Nancy Halvorsen from Moda Fabrics.

No plans, no purpose, just pretty.

Some people decorate their spaces with flowers, or pictures or books or….. you name it. For me, in my sewing studio, fabric does the trick.

Who says life always has to filled with plans and purpose? What do you do or have, “just because?”

Enjoy the journey.    Jackie