The Three Little Name Squares or Poor Planning

Once upon a time there were 3 little name squares:

Mr. First, as he was the first attempt at stitching out the new baby’s name.

Hummm, I wonder if he gets dizzy viewing the world from an angle.

Then came along Mrs. Second.

After all, if Mr. First was seeing the world through crossed eyes, someone needed to put things in an upright position.

Alas, while Mrs. Second was viewing things head on, she admittedly was a bit off-center.

Then we have Charles, the baby, and he is “just right.”

Isn’t that true about babies. They have a way of making the world seem right. At least the world of those that know and love him.

So here is the poor planning part:

I decided to put the baby’s name in the center, so I measured the section that makes up the two inner squares. I even remembered to include the seam allowance! I am so proud of myself for remembering (pat pat pat on the back). I then carefully centered the square in the embroidery hoop, planned my lettering and stitched away. Did you notice how well Mr. First is centered. After I realized I should have cut the square bigger to allow for trimming, I was tickled to death that it stitched out in the center. That was until I realized I hadn’t considered how the square would be placed in the block. 🙁

I confidently measured for center placement for Mrs. Second, using the same size block, turning it on point and stitched away. Success! Until I realized that I was not careful enough in my centering this time, sigh.

So to ensure that Charles would be “just right,” I did what I knew I should have done all along. I cut out a piece of fabric larger than I needed, stitched out the design and trimmed to size.

Pride sure does come before a fall.

So what do you have as a result of poor planning?

Enjoy the journey,     Jackie