Why I Quilt

There is a reason why I quilt.

  • The lines are simpler.
  • If you make the pattern up yourself there are no directions to follow.
  • Mistakes can become “design elements.”

Now you wouldn’t think that after making 2 backpacks, (last year) a third one wouldn’t be that difficult. I suppose it wouldn’t have been that difficult if I hadn’t decided to change the pattern, without planning…….

I made last year’s backpacks for two of my grandsons. My son tells me it is now a big hit with his son and that soon his little sister is going to want one.  My son also suggested I make adjustable straps, better closures, and a snack pocket. So while I didn’t quite remember how the pattern goes together I just started in.

Hummmm, I think this will have some design elements of its own. This one is going to a friend’s little girl, I hope she doesn’t mind an experiment.

Now I know why I quilt.

Why do you quilt?      Enjoy the journey    Jackie