Crazy Quilt Fabric Postcards

I taught how to make crazy quilt fabric postcards through my local community education program this past week.

Here are the samples I brought. Two of them I digitized and sewed in the hoop on my sewing/embroidery machine. The third one I did on my machine without the use of the embroidery module so I could teach anyone with a sewing machine how to make one.      

Pictures of other postcards I have made, some digitized and sewn in the hoop and others just done on the sewing machine.

It is a great way to use small bits of fabric and think outside the quilters block box (say that 3 times fast!).

To see pictures of the students work from this week’s class go to the “Sewing Studio and Student Picture” page on my blog and click on “Crazy Quilt Fabric Postcard.”

If you want written directions for either method of making a postcard, comment and request what set of directions you are interested in and I will send you the information.

Enjoy the Journey     Jackie

  • I love your fabric postcards. That shows some serious talent! They are so small. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate you listening to the podcast as well. You are appreciated!! I seriously! love! your! postcards!

  • Actually they are really easy and go together very quickly. Thank you.