Summer Stash Challenge and Hexagons

Sandy over at Quilting for the Rest of Us, issued a Summer Stash Challenge using warm colors. The deadline is today and I almost missed it. I was listening to her most recent podcast on my way to work today and she mentions the deadline is at midnight. How did September get here so fast?

Here is my progress so far. This also goes along with the Attack of the Hexies, which I talk about here and here.

For those of you following my hexagon story, you are aware of the battle that has ensued between the hexagons and seam rippers. It started here. While the seam rippers are out numbered (pictured here), there has only been one casualty. This deadly injury was a result of a fall from an ironing board. Hexagons can be a real brutal if you are not careful.

The stipulation for the challenge is that your project needs to be recognizable for what it going to be. The problem for me, is I am not sure what I am making yet. Some days I think I will just make a table runner, other days, I think I should keep going until I run out of fabric and have a wall hanging. I think the result will be determined on how long I want to work with them. While the Summer Challenge ends today, the Attack of the Hexies at this point doesn’t have a time limit and I am good with that.

So how many projects do you have going on?

Next, pictures from a class I did for our local school Community Ed program on making Fabric Postcards.

Enjoy the Journey     Jackie