Quilt Shop Find- Fabric for a Skirt

Before heading to my daughter’s house this summer for a visit, she asked me if I could sew up a skirt for her if she had a picture of what she wanted.

There was a time, long long ago when I only did garment sewing. While I wouldn’t have a pattern, the skirt looked fairly simple, so I was willing to give it a try.


I told her what to look for in fabric, how much fabric to buy, what size zipper, thread etc.  She knew I would have my sewing machine with me. Whenever we camp I plan to quilt even though part of this trip included her 3 older boys camping with us.

The first skirt was a success, so much so, she asked if I could make her another one.

There is a quilt shop in her area that I really wanted to visit so when she asked me if  I would make a skirt for one of her friends as a gift, I suggested we look at fabric at the quilt shop.

I loved having her with me. Her creative outlet is homeschooling and cake decorating, so fabric shopping is not something she enjoys, but I couldn’t have been happier. She has a wonderful eye for color, and if she lived closer, I would take her fabric shopping with me all the time.

That fabric she chose for the skirt is the first picture posted. Her friend enjoys bling, so beads were purchased as well.

A picture of the skirt without the finished flower is posted here. I prepared the fabric and my daughter was going to make the flower and add the beads.

I have been told the friend loves her skirt and it fits perfectly, though I am still waiting for a picture of her modeling it.

Next, a surprise element in how the flower was made in the first skirt.

Enjoy the Journey,   Jackie


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  • Julie Woodbridge

    Hi Aunt Jackie!!!

    LOVE the skirts!!!! They are sooo cute, and Kristen is a great model too! Do you make them for other people??? (do you sell them? I would buy one if possible). Just found your blog and am enjoying it! Hope you’re doing well!

    • Hi Julie, Thanks! I can make them, I generally take orders for quilts and other types of projects but I have done other garment projects. I am glad you are enjoying the blog, I just started it a month ago. Mainly to document my quilt projects.

      We are busy but good, how are you?

      • Julie Woodbridge


        We are doing well here! Staying busy with work and church. Tim and I just returned from a wonderful vacation on an Alaskan cruise! It was sooo nice and absolutely beautiful! Seeing God’s creation was breathtaking. How are you? and how do people place orders for your items? I would love to place one for the skirt.

        Keep it up with the hexagons! Cant’ wait to see how that quit turns out! I have a life goal of making a quilt but am a bit afraid to try.

        • I will email you and we can talk details about the skirt. I hope to get an Etsy shop opened up sometime soon, but that will showcase quilt and embroidery items.

          Do you have a sewing machine? Maybe through Skype and other tutorials I can teach you. 🙂

          • Julie Woodbridge

            I Do have a sewing machine! That would be fun to learn how to make them!!!!

          • How skilled are you?

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