Camping and Quilting, Two of My Favorite Things

I love to camp, and when people wonder how I can sew when I camp I have to mention we have a travel trailer. A tent wouldn’t stop me from bringing my sewing machine! Admittedly though, I would most likely bring a hand sewing project.

Camping and sewing together, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Here is my sewing machine and cutting board set up on the dining table. Bins of fabric/projects/supplies sit on the side and on the seat next to me.

Sadly my allergies are such I have to stay inside with an air filter going, so while the camping experience has changed drastically for me, I still love getting away and I am even happier that I can bring my machine.

Here is my ironing board sitting on the stove top.

This weekend, like all weekends, was short, but it was a very relaxed time for my husband and me. I did a lot of sewing and reading.

I have two “design walls” in the trailer. One sits on my sink. The other is my bed. Other than those two places there are not too many options for laying out pieces.

I did make some progress on my hexagons and I will post some pictures and suggestions that I found helpful in getting accurate seams. Practice, while it didn’t make perfect, helped tremendously.

What are your favorite things.

Enjoy the Journey     Jackie

  • landscapelady

    What a great set up you have ! The best of both worlds, my parents have a camper and she quilts in her camper also. When you’re a quilter you make it work wherever you are. Great post 🙂

  • val

    I love your out of the box linky ….to be camping AND sewing are heaven to me!

    • Jackie

      I agree, camping and quilting. Can it get any better?

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