“Take 5” Bed Quilt Continues

The colors all mixed together. Don’t they look inviting?

The premise behind the “Take 5” patterns is you take 5 minutes, 5 fabrics and a little over 5 hours and you have a quilt top.

While it did take more than 5 hours, it went together quickly. When I cut and piece fabric, I tend to take my time, so I am sure someone very focused could have done it in just over 5 hours.

You also have the option with your layout choices. I played with several options. My husband weighed in on this as well and this was what we both liked.

The purple and greens in the floral print fabrics will blend nicely with the cream, purple and greens that will be used in the bedroom. It is hard to imagine that with all the quilts I have made, this is the first one that I made especially for my room.



Here is the pieced quilt on the bed. My design wall is not large enough to hang it and it was hard to get the entire quilt in the picture.

The next step will be to piece the backing and baste it. I am not sure yet how I plan to quilt it, sometimes that process takes longer than the piecing or the quilting.

I read or heard somewhere that you need to let your quilt top talk to you and it will tell you how to quilt it. It is true. It just takes a me awhile to hear what it is saying. 🙂

Flowers, who would have thought I would have chosen flowers?

Enjoy Your Journey      Jackie