Hexagons – Double Duty

Months ago I purchased paper piecing templates to make hexagons. I am not a fan of the Grandmother’s Garden pattern, but I wanted a portable hand piecing project. Templates arrived but without a “vision” of what I wanted to do the templates were put aside.

Then comes the 2011 Quiltcast, Attack of the Hexies, by Jaye of www.artquiltmaker.com, Pam of www.hiptobeasquarepodcast.com/ and Sandy from  http://quiltingfortherestofus.blogspot.com/. I researched, read the blogs, and debated. No decision.

Then Sandy issued a Summer Stash Mystery Challenge (http://www.quiltingfortherestofus.com/creativity-challenge/).

I researched, reread the blogs, and debated some more. I love a challenge, so here I am preparing to machine piece hexagons using stash for the summer challenge.

Enjoy Your Journey!  Jackie

  • Those little hexies are addictive aren’t they? I’ve been doing mine by hand but switched over to the machine just this week, piecing them together with a tiny zigzag stitch. Much faster, but hard to rip out if you make a mistake. Ask how I know!

  • I really enjoy hand piecing my hexies. You are quite brave to machine piece. Looking forward to seeing how your quilt progresses.

  • Great job! Glad you will join us! I worked on my piece a little bit over the weekend, but want to get back to it in a big way. I say to myself every day that there just isn’t enough time in the day to sew!

  • I am not so sure I will stick with machine piecing, but I hate to give up so soon. I think I want to get to a point, where I can do it well, if I choose, but so far my vote is for hand piecing.

  • Woot woot woot! Joining the Hexie AND the stash mystery challenge! You go! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got going on.

    One of the magazines recently published a “how to” article on how to sew rows of hexies together. Maybe American Patchwork and Quilting? It was a very good step-by-step. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t speak with authority on how well it works, but it looked good.

    • Surprisingly I am pleased by the color combinations, so thank you for the challenge. I managed to get 2 rows sewn together where I was “okay” with the results. I decided to give myself some grace and allow for the learning curve. Now I think it is practice time. I will also check out the magazine, I always like to research and discover the best method for me. Thanks

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  • val

    Jackie…you’ve been blogging for awhile! I love how ya just jumped right in! You’ve come an inspiring way in three years! Thanks for sharing your first post with us! It’s been so fun to read when, why, everyone started blogging!

    • Jackie


      It’s hard to believe how long it has been. It took me a while to find my voice/style. I love that I have this ongoing journal of my quilting journey.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Website/Blog: http://www.sewexcitedquilts.com
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