September’s Veteran Sew-in

Busy beavers and a finish:

Linda, 4-DSCN8282Mary, 

1-DSCN8283and Bonnie are all working on strip piecing. 
3-DSCN8285Ann finished up her quilt.

5-DSCN8288We have 7 finished quilts and 13 in process.

Wonderful job ladies.

Blessed with good friends on the Journey, Jackie

Week In Review September 14, 2014

I’m on the home stretch. 1-DSCN8300 “A” won, for more on this, see the other options here. 2-DSCN8296 This top was donated to me for the “We Honor Veterans” project so this was on and off the long arm in one afternoon. 3-DSCN8270I finished binding this. More pictures later.
4-DSCN8238It’s good to have a finish. Even if it is small.

Resting on the Journey, Jackie

Ugly Quilt Leftovers, A, B, or C?

I had a lot of 1/2 square triangles leftover from piecing this top for my quilt guild “Ugly Fat Quarter” challenge:

2-DSCN8077So another quilt is in order, but I don’t want to be making a trillion more 1/2 square triangles.

Here are 3 possible layouts, each will require more cuts:

A. This would be the simplest to finish, I have enough 5 inch squares I can cut for this.


B. This would just require more black squares to be cut.3-DSCN8275C. This would require a lot more 1/2 square triangles to be made: :(

1-DSCN8273It is not going to be very large (maybe 40-40/50 range) depending on layout.

What would you choose? And why?

Thanks for weighing in.

Decisions on the Journey, Jackie

Lover of Lighthouse Quilt

This is a quilt I made for my husband over 10 years ago. That’s as close as I can date it. I loved playing with the different fabrics to find just the right one for the different elements. I think now it would be even easier especially with quilt shop fabric. I didn’t know quilt shops desisted back then. In some ways the challenge of using what was available brings out more creativity. 
1-DSCN8260Detail shots. I used some decorative threads on my machine for the stitching details. 5-DSCN8269 4-DSCN8268 3-DSCN8266 2-DSCN8265It is a small wall hanging measuring 19″ x 25.”

Linking up with Jenny over at Quiltin’ Jenny for Throwback Thursday.

Seeing how far I have come on the Journey, Jackie


Quilters are Givers, Part Two

Yesterday I talked a bit about a donation quilt Jaye is doing. Today I’m going to share in the ways that I have been blessed by other quilters.

I’ve received thread for the veteran quilts I make with others at my house:

1-DSCN8247 Quilt tops and fabric from my local quilt guild I just stated attending for the same veteran quilt project (We Honor Veterans).2-DSCN8249 3-DSCN8253 4-DSCN8255A gift card to Fat Quarter Shop so I could order this:Kona cardAnd here are a few items from giveaways I’ve participated in.

There are the swaps that I’ve participated in:


And the “just because” gifts:

Thank you to those that have blessed me since I started this blog.

Truly blessed on the Journey, Jackie

Quilters are Givers, Part One

I have discovered that quilters are very giving people.They make quilts for those in need, for friends, for new neighbors, babies, showers, friends of friends, for fund-raisers, to make a public statement and for each other as a sign of support, care and love.

Quilting is an expensive art. Fabric and supplies continue to increase in price and the amount needed for a decent size quilt is quite substantial. Then there is the time. And equipment. And yet we continue.

I think I am like most quilters in that I quilt because I must. Just like a painter must paint, quilters must quilt. That our art can then be shared in various ways is a bonus.

These will go in the mail tomorrow to Jaye over at Artquiltmaker for a donation quilt she is making.

1-DSCN8227I made a few blocks for her a while back for this quilt and asked if she needed more. It meant digging deeper into my fabric scraps.

This was not my final layout for the blocks, just testing different fabrics and getting the correct number cut. I did end up swapping some squares out.

When I pieced light to dark it was purely random. Once I was sewing rows together I started to pay more attention so while still random, there weren’t a lot of repeats next to each other.

1-DSCN8244Thanks Jaye, for letting me participate.

Having fun on the Journey, Jackie

Quilting Week in Review

Does anyone lose weeks like I do? While raising children, I thought when they were all grown and out of the house, life would slow down. It didn’t. Or else it did and so did I along with it, so I didn’t notice.

This has been on my long arm for 2 weeks with no progress made. I couldn’t decide how to quilt it. I finally decided practicing straight lines in all directions with stars was a good as anything. It was quick, easy and done in less than an hour. So why did I debate for 2 weeks? 4-DSCN8236

Yesterday was Missouri Sewing monthly club and mini-retreat.

Getting ready, can you guess where we are headed:3-DSCN8230

What I was able to finish, don’t worry I’ll stick with quilting:2-DSCN8233

I found out that these were approved (no spoilers for this years quilt) to hang in my local library for Banned Book Week (check out Sandy’s or Tanesha’s blog for details):1-DSCN8055These are going in the mail to Jaye from Artquiltmaker this week but more on this later:1-DSCN8227Jaye does a post that lists her projects on a regular basis and Sandy from Quilting For the Rest of Us does one on her Craftsy class progress. I am trying to figure out a system where I can do the same so the things I want to do, don’t get lost as I keep adding new things. Yes, I keep adding new things (in my head). Maybe then, by the end of the week review would feel more satisfying.

So what have you worked on this past week?

On the Journey, Jackie