Labor Day, Week in Review, Camping All in One

The past few days was filled with long walks, sunrises, cloudy sunsets, sewing, trimming, storms, grandchildren, camping, and s’mores.







6-20140830_182708How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?

Tired and wishing for another day off on the journey, Jackie

Peace and Piecing

20140828_065700This is the “& More” type post as it is a reflection of my walk to watch the sunrise this morning.  For the last several years I have taken a “mini” sabbatical at a nearby campground by myself. It gives me a chance to rest, reflect, prioritize, pray, sew, and walk. This year I only have 2 days but I’ll take it.

The campground has a lake with an open area on one end that is perfect for watching the sunrise and set each day. 20140828_070447

I made several observations on my walk. There was a point where the night sounds of the droning insects started to fade as the morning sounds of the birds and nearby cattle started to wake and increase. The rising sun seemed to put the bugs to bed and gave permission for the birds and animals to wake up. I also noticed on my walk that the scrounging raccoon from the night before was replaced by a scurrying rabbit.

Here is the bench where I took my sunrise photos. Many times I share the area with fishermen. Not today. 20140828_063507I will continue to enjoy the piece of the setting and if the weather and my allergies permit there will be a sunset to watch tonight.

Enjoy the peace and on to piecing on the journey, Jackie

Traveling Sewing Studio

I will be sewing in this for the next couple of days.1-DSCN8096

I’ve shown pictures of my set-up in previous posts, and I must say it is very suitable. Depending on the weather and my allergies I may set my machine up on the table outside to work as well.

Here are the projects I hope to work on:

Veteran quilt:1-DSCN8103Strip quilt, I had started this at work but brought it home, I get too many interruptions on my lunch that It became a stress and not a stress reliever.


Mini charm swap quilt, I finally have a design in mind. 1-DSCN8097

And some hand work of course.


The weekend will bring two young grandchildren (Grace and Noah) to the mix so the machine will be put away but in the meantime……

Sewing is on the agenda and rain in the forecast.

On the journey, Jackie

Sewing With Children, Janie’s First Quilt

Janie, started her quilt a few weeks ago and we left off with her playing with the design wall here. This past weekend she came to finish up.

Choosing her back fabrics. Choices were the pink, green purple or blue:01-DSCN8021Cutting, there was quite the discussion regarding wearing a glove. She remembered that the “fine” for forgetting to put on a glove when cutting is a quarter. Naturally she asked if I pay myself a quarter as she noticed I didn’t wear it when cutting.02-DSCN8022

A modern quilter choice, a pieced back. She was trying not to smile. Her eyes smile so it gives her away. :) 04-DSCN8032Stitching the edges:
06-DSCN8034 I love to see tiny hands sewing. 07-DSCN8036And a finish:08-DSCN8041She may quilt in the center at a later date at her Grandma’s.

Super job Janie! I’m sure your doll will love it.

Enjoying the young ones on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review August 24 2014

I don’t feel like I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio, but there’s been progress in many areas.

This came off the long arm:1-DSCN7998

And this was put on:

3-DSCN8063I have two empty spots where small quilts went out the door, never to return:2-DSCN8061

I did some organizing but more on that later:

5-DSCN8066This cutie came to work on her doll quilt:

8-DSCN8019-001 Made some headway on one of my veteran quilts:

1-DSCN7989And my mini charm swap quilt:2-DSCN8005

Finished piecing my Ugly FQ Swap quilt:2-DSCN8077Finally, I made a trip to my local library to see if they would hang my banned book quilts for the past 3 years (no spoilers on this years quilt):1-DSCN8055I will need to make a return trip to the library and they thought “corporate” might have to approve. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

So what did your quilting week look like?

Busy on the journey, Jackie


Sewing Apron

I made these Tea Towel Aprons a while back using a Missouri Star tutorial.

ApronsI decided to make one of them into a sewing apron. The concept was great. I used one without any modifications but I found the pockets too deep and the weight of everything I carried in the them put pressure on my neck.

Here is my first modification. New towel, pockets and ties. I only used half the towel, added another smaller pocket and put ties at the waist. 2-DSCN6771It worked okay but the larger pockets were still too deep and I had divided into 4 sections which made two of pockets too narrow.

So back to the drawing board, or should I say seam ripper.

I turned down the edge of the larger pocket and added straight line stitching, I added the same stitching below the small pocket accent. That depth of the larger pocket actually ends at the same place as the small pocket.3-DSCN7699I divided it into 3 sections instead of 4 and I’m ready to test this version. 

1-DSCN7762 Getting organized on the Journey, Jackie

Back to My Other Crafts

You may remember Judy’s first quilt here.Judy's Lap QuiltShe told me while she was making it, it would be her one and only quilt. This one finished at 60″ x 80″ pretty impressive for a first quilt. She used the disappearing 9 patch pattern.

Though she insisted she was done, she did start another quilt. One for her bed. A king size bed. A very large king sized quilt.

She did some machine quilting, in the ditch along the long rows and then took the quilt home to tie and bind.

She brought it back for me to see. There was no place to put it to get the entire quilt in the picture.
1-DSCN780101-DSCN780302-DSCN7806 This one finishes at 92″ x 126″ shown on her bed. MY QUILT R2 (480x640)She told me she is going back to crocheting. At least there will be no fighting with lots of fabric under a small machine.

Wonderful job Judy. :)