Star Block Challenge

The story of Karen Nyberg and her quilt block made in space filtered through social media last year. With it was a challenge to make a 9 1/2 inch star block to be included in a quilt at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

I have had on my “to do” list, this block:1-DSCN7674

It is due August 1. I don’t consider myself a procrastinator. This was one of those, “I’ll do it next week,” items that I kept postponing. It seemed as though I had plenty of time.

Well this week it was do or die, and part of me figured it didn’t matter, wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t as though my block being there would make a difference.

As I thought about it, I realized it would matter, to me. It was a goal I set for myself. And while it may not matter to anyone else, or even have an impact on my future life, it mattered when I wrote it down and I knew I needed to follow through, for me.

I know that not all tasks we set out to do need to be done or should be done. But this is one goal I wanted to do and I didn’t want to look back and wish I had made it a priority. I think too often we do that in life. We let the little things go in the busyness of our lives, forgetting that sometimes the little things really matter more that the big things.

While this was not a big thing, nor important in the grand scheme of life, I didn’t want procrastination to get in the way.4-DSCN7679

Are there things in your life that got away from you that you wished hadn’t?

Taking care of the little things on the Journey, Jackie

Adding the Great Grands and Looking Back

1-DSCN7649This quilt was made in 2009 for a co-worker. She wanted something special for the great-grandmother in the family that included the names of the grandchildren with room for the great-grandchildren to be added as needed.

I just added the most recent great-grandchild, Coen, to the quilt.

I am glad for the chance to take pictures and journal this quilt.

It finishes at 18 x 36. The center blocks are 8 inch square with a 1, 1 1/4, 1/2 and 2 inch borders.

You’ll see a theme in the colors with the quilt below.

Great-grandfather just celebrated his 80th birthday and I was asked to do this for him.












Thrilled to be making heirlooms on the Journey, Jackie

Stone Wall in Pink

This pattern, Stone Wall,4-DSCN7634 includes 3 sizes. The baby/toddler size is 41 inches by 51 inches. 3-DSCN7561I did a simple swirl in each rectangle/square and shallow wave in the sashing. 2-DSCN7600I talked about my free motion, stitching in the ditch over here. It includes the good, bad and ugly.

The original Stone Wall is my favorite but I am not a pink lover. :)

Which one do you like better?

Finishing up on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review 7.27/14

Busy getting these printed and ready:1-Pattern and Social Media Pictures Playing with flying geese:1-2014-07-25 Put this on the long arm:1-DSCN7655 Putting these in the mail this week:2-DSCN7658

Still not sure what direction to go with these:1-DSCN7576And a finish, a tote and ironing mat:3-DSCN7618-001

It’s good to have a project done.

Resting on the Journey, Jackie

Stitch in the Ditch, Free Motion Style

I am not fond of stitching in the ditch. Nor am I any good at it. Even with a walking foot.

When I started doing free motion quilting on my domestic machine I scrapped the walking foot and did my stitching in the ditch free hand. With better results.

Now that I have the long arm I have gone back on forth between free hand and using a ruler. Neither seemed to work well so on this quilt I put away the ruler and decided to quilt it all free hand.

Here are my results:

Not so bad:
1-DSCN7497Not so good:3-DSCN7463Good:1-DSCN7460

Bad:2-DSCN7462Really good:5-DSCN7468Really bad:
4-DSCN7464The good and really good far outweigh the bad or really bad. In fact I really have very few mishaps. Overall I did a better job than I do with a ruler and faster. I do have to note that this it only going up and down and from left to right. Diagonal is not up for consideration at this point.

So do you stitch in the ditch with your walking foot, a ruler, freehand or not at all?

Keeping in the ditch on the Journey, Jackie

Leftovers, Fabric That Is

When I made this quilt… details here.


I played with a lot of ideas first….

1-P1080442I kept them along with the fabric scraps to sew this….5-DSCN7615-001This is a project that I started on our mini retreat last Saturday. It is a JoAnn’s tote/ironing mat combo, that I modified. I guess I just can’t leave well enough alone.
One side is a quilted front and the other side is an ironing mat.

I decided that the fabric was too nice to limit the use of the tote so I changed it up some.

I gave it a box bottom, and used the ironing mat as a separate piece (back side photo).
2-DSCN7621-001Here is the inside with a pocket from leftover test pieces.
1-DSCN7624-001Front view of the tote and ironing mat. I love how I was able to fudge and mix and match and put these leftover test pieces to good use. Some Y seams in there and creative piecing to get it to work with what I had, but I love it. 4-DSCN7613-001Close up of the mat’s reverse side.


So how do you put your leftover blocks to use?

Using up leftovers on the Journey, Jackie

What to do, what to do?

This is part of the ugly fat quarter challenge I am participating in. The finished piece does not have to be very large, but I have many fabrics that have the same primitive tone as the fabric I choose (sight unseen) so I thought I would make a quilt or two (crazy I know).

I thought about combining these two blocks:

For one of these looks:

But I’m not sure I like it so here is another option using just one of the blocks:

Or this using the other block:

And then there are options with my mistake blocks:

I’m stuck. I have many of the pieces cut, but more fabric I can bring in if I were to do 2 quilts. Phew.

What would you do? What blocks do you like and why?

Stumped on the Journey, Jackie