BFSI – Come Join In

There will be a Black Friday Sew-in on Twitter on Friday for those of you that prefer to sew over fighting the crowds. My son says he would rather “eat glass” or “watch grass grow” before he will play golf. That is how I feel about shopping in general (unless it is for fabric). The thought of going out on Black Friday makes me want to crawl into a corner in a fetal position with my thumb in my mouth, rock back and forth and cry, “please don’t make me.” You get the picture.

So that said, come join the #twilters (quilters on Twitter and Instagram) and share your pictures and sewing adventures and participate in giveaways. I can be found at SewExcitedQuilt on Twitter and I’m sewexcitedquilts on Instagram.

Here’s a peak at my giveaway:

Mini Charms giveaway 1

Perfect for making snack mats and/or cozie’s or whatever else you would desire.

Now go check out Pam at Hip to Be Square as she has a link up for other giveaways and Daisy over at Lazy Daisy Quilts.

Will you be shopping or sewing on Friday?

Planning a sew day on the journey, Jackie

Stack and Whack Preview

My quilt guild is having a Stack-n-Whack challenge.

I can appreciate the technique, but I am not sure it is “me” but I’m going to give it a try. I have already started thinking about ways to change it up.

I found this fabric on vacation and thought it would lend a lot of possibilities. I’m trying to look past the floral aspect of this (I really am not a fan of flowery quilts).Stack and Whack Fabric

I played with possibilities if I cut it into 6 wedges:

Stack and Whack Fabric 3 Stack and Whack Fabric 4 Stack and Whack Fabric 2 Stack and Whack Fabric 1 Stack and Whack Fabric 8 Stack and Whack Fabric 7 Stack and Whack Fabric 6 Stack and Whack Fabric 5

Wow, that is a lot of flower power going on. I’ll have to play with off-center possibilities.

Here are fabrics I purchased to use, though I have no idea where I am going with this. Stack and Whack Fabric 9

Have you ever made a stack-n-whack quilt? Did you like the finished result?

I’m thinking I wished I had purchased a geometric print. Maybe this will be a good exercise outside my comfort zone.


Week in Review, November 23, 2014

Little sewing. Very little sewing. It’s been a week. Or I should say several weeks.

This is on the long arm.
Veteran Pinwheel 2Some progress on my selvage rag rug, I need to sew more strips together. Not the best crochet job, but it’s a rug, so I’m not stressing. Selavage Edge RugPurchased more supplies for Grace and Noah’s sewing boxes. Does that count for quilting/sewing progress?

Grace and Noah Sewing Boxes

Black Friday is right around the corner and that is a P.J. and sewing day!

Busy with other things (work) on the Journey, Jackie


Starting Young, A Look Back

This is the doll quilt my daughter made when she was 4. It is about 18″ x 23″ give or take a bit depending on where you measure. :) Kristen's 4 yr quiltShe tied the outside squares and if I remember correctly it was because she got tired of sewing the hearts and X’s by hand. Can’t say that I blame her, she was only 4. Kristen's 4 yr quilt close-up Not all of her stitches go all the way through to the back but that is okay, you learn as you go. Kristen's 4 yr quilt labelHere is another quilt (12″ x 15″) she made at 7. I did the binding and tabs. Kristen's 7 yr quiltYou can see where her stitches improved greatly. Kristen's 7 yr quilt closeupHer creative energies have included home-schooling (trust me it takes a LOT of creative energy to home-school) and cake decorating. Now she is creating unique cupcake recipes.

I wonder if she’ll pick up sewing/quilting in the future. She has a great eye for color and design….

Hey Baby, do you remember these? Love you Mom.

When Curiorsity and Tape Measure Meet

This is what happens when an inquisitive 6-year-old has a tape measure of his own:

Before:Tape Measure

After:Tape Measure Broken

He was excited that I bought him his own sewing box, though the only thing I’ve bought for them are the tape measures. I had to assure him that the tape measure can be replaced and that when Grandma was young, she would take apart clocks and watches to see how they worked.

Got to love them.

Tickled on the Journey, Jackie

Veteran Sew-In November 2014

Sickness, fall trips and last-minute interruptions gave me time to focus my energies on these two hooligans (as they are affectionately called by Grandpa) with their veteran quilts.

Grace and NoahFirst things first….Eating before sew-in

They made really good progress, but popcorn and a movie with Grandpa also had an appeal.Grace and Noah with progress

Fighting for first spot:Fighting for first spot

They are not shy around the camera, can you tell? :) Noah's Quilt UpdateGrace Quilt Update

Teaching how to give back on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review

This is off the long arm and ready for binding, though I think I won’t have enough of the fabric I hoped to use.Ugle Quilt 2 Ready to Bind

This is pieced and ready for the long arm. This is using mini-pinwheels (2.5 inches) made from the leftovers on flying geese units. Veteran Pinwheels

This has been pieced, ripped out, cut in some places and pieced again. I will have to order some backing fabric to finish.Christmas Candy Sticks

And so another week begins, what are your plans?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie