Learning New Skills

On Caiden’s birthday quilt, I free motioned stars in the solid squares.

2-DSCN5867I decided to practice my swirls on this quilt, since they can look like a galaxy it fits with the theme.4-DSCN6511I was just getting ready to use my new batting scissors to cut the end of the quilt off the frame when I remembered an instructor in the one of the classes said putting the binding on the quilt on the long arm is sooooo much easier than on a domestic. I thought now is as good of a time as any to give it a try.

So far I am LOVING this. So much easier.


What have you learned lately?

Learning on the Journey, Jackie

Me Too, Me Too

The other boys were playing in another room when Caiden asked if he could sew a sleeping bag for his panda bear. Next thing I know there were 3 more sets of footsteps coming down my steps. (Got to love it).

After I got Caiden started, Colson was up next with a sleeping bag for his doll. The quilt he made is here.

Here he is with the fabrics he choose. 02-DSCN6524

Busy at the machine. He was another one that disappeared downstairs on his own to work on this.



13-DSCN6576Love you Colson, and I am sure your doll loves her new quilted sleeping bag!



Fabric Postcard Tutorial

For my students who have been making these lately.

1-Spring Postcard 2014

The instructions are for a 4 x 6 inch crazy quilted postcard, but the design possibilities are limitless using any technique. More ideas can be found on the links below. 

 Materials list:

  • Timtex®- 4 x 6 inches or two layers of heavy stabilizer
  • Postcard backing –4 x 6 inch light-colored plain fabric
    • You may need two pieces to cover your embroidery on the back
    • 4 ½  x 6 ½  inch piece of batting
    • 6-8  3×5 inch fabric scraps
    • Variety of threads, embellishments
    • Glue stick (optional)
    • Template
    • Pigma® pen or Fine Sharpie® or fine fabric marker
    • Basic sewing supplies


Basic steps:

  • Your batting piece becomes your “stabilizer” for your piecing/appliqué
  • Cut a 5 sided piece of fabric as your center focus fabric or use template included in the PDF file
  • Using a glue stick, tack your fabric, right side up in the center of your batting scrap as shown below:


  • Place next fabric on top of center fabric, right sides together, aligning along one edge:
  • Stitch ¼ inch along the edge


  • Open up seam, trim outside your batting, though accuracy is not critical at this point
  • Stitch across the seam with decorative thread and design03-DSCN6714
  • Continue in the same manner around each edge of your center focus fabric


  • Trim excess beyond the next seam line and outside the batting edge as you go


  • Add ribbons and trim as desired as you go along
  • If any corners do not get covered or have too much of one color, other pieces can be added for more interest.
  • Once your postcard design is completed, trim your batting piece down to 4 x 6 inches


Assembling layers:

    • Layer in this order
      • Layer backing fabric, right side down on table
        • Use two layers if needed to cover up stitch bleed through
      • Place Timtex® on backing fabric
      • Place postcard right side up on the Timtex®


  • Glue baste layers together
  • Straight stitch close to the edge of your postcard all the way around using a decorative thread to stabilize the layers


  • Stitch around the postcard again using a narrow zigzag setting. I used a “2.4” width and “1.5”density


  • Stitch again with a “4” width and “.75” density


  • Use  a Pigma® pen, fine Sharpie®, a fabric marker or stamp to create a postcard back16-DSCN6759Finished

15-DSCN6757Fabric postcard can be mailed through the US Postal Service, though extra charges may apply.

For more postcard ideas visit these posts:

More tutorials can be found here.

Click for a printable PDF instruction sheet Fabric Postcard Instructions.

Teaching and Learning on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review April 21

These postcards were mailed out to friends and family for Easter:


Most of the time was spent with these boys visiting from out-of-town. Not all of it was spent sewing, but that is where my camera resides. Miss them already.03-DSCN6528 3-DSCN6636 3-DSCN6672I had Good Friday off with big sewing plans. While I got a lot done, I was sidetracked. Here are the results:

This along with lots of other fabric that has collected in piles was folded and put away. (Ahhh, all is well in the world). 1-DSCN6601I  appliqued this on my long arm and then went back through with “waves” going in all directions. 3-DSCN6699I also realized that one of the reasons my long arm quilting isn’t getting done is because that while the quilts and backing are ready, the binding (I am now adding my binding using my long arm, bonus!) and batting are not. So I spent a good part of the day cutting, and preparing the binding and backing for these quilts:2-DSCN6694They are all small (baby and lap or throw quilts) so once I’m ready for the next one I can really zip through them, when time allows.

I trimmed up Scrapitude to make way for the binding. 5-DSCN6122How has your week gone? Do you have “order your world tasks” as I do? Who knew I would need a day off just to do so?

Content on the Journey, Jackie


He Is Risen!


Have a Blessed Easter,

Forgiven on the Journey, Jackie

Grandma, Can I Sew?

This little guy asked if he could sew as he got out of the car on his most recent visit. He sewed for the first time when he visited at Christmas time. 01-DSCN6523 Time with family is limited so I didn’t plan on sewing with the boys, but every opportunity Caiden had, he asked me if he could sew, so when I had an open window, I said yes. The next thing I knew all 4 of them wanted to sew. He choose to use the fabrics in his birthday quilt to make a sleeping bag for his panda bear. A couple of times I found him downstairs sewing by himself working on his pieces. 03-DSCN6528 His quilt sandwiches. 1-DSCN6553Completed11-DSCN6570 And no sleeping bag is complete without showing the inside. :) 12-DSCN6573Great job Caiden. Love you, and I wish you lived nearby. Miss you already… Grandma

We Honor Veteran’s April’s Quilts

This month Ann, Marji and Rosie worked on their quilts with an additional little helper, Noah. Noah and his sister Grace were spending the night. Grace helped make the cookies for our event and Noah wanted to make a quilt.

I set him up with 8 1/2 inch squares, and he sewed 5 pairs together. The rest we will work on another time.



Ann finished piecing a strip quilt. It will be added to my stack of quilts for the long arm.:)

7-DSCN64764-DSCN6486Rosie’s quilt is slowly coming together. I expect that next time she’ll finish the top.1-DSCN6483 5-DSCN6482

Marji added a border to her strip quilt so next time she will be ready to quilt it. 6-DSCN64811-DSCN6491Check out the We Honor Veteran’s organization over here or my page with details on our local efforts.

Grateful on the Journey, Jackie

A Quilter’s Journey

This post is not about me. It is about Judy Elsley and the quilts she made while battling cancer. She was the speaker at the MQS banquet I attended last week. More of her story and pictures can be found in this article in the Standard-Examiner.

Her quilts are made with her own hand dyed fabrics which are beautiful and when you hear the story behind the quilt and its meaning they take on a whole new dimension. Here are some of the photos I took. She had many more quilts telling of her journey.

The quilts are meant to be taken in slowly and pictures are a poor substitute, but still powerful.

Healing Quotes

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Labeling My Fears

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Anna Quindlen Quote

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It Takes a Village to Heal a Sick Person

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Listening to her and viewing her quilts made me realize that all of our quilts have a story. They may not all be as poignant and filled with the same depth of emotion but they are still a part of us. And the range of those emotions are varied. Happy, sad, healing (as Judy’s became for her), funny, fun, prayerful, giving… the list goes on.

As I have mentioned before I believe I was created to quilt. I can’t separate myself from my quilting as it is a part of me. Whether I am learning a new technique, working through a design element, reaching into the depths of my being for creativity, providing comfort, memories, or a thank you, I am in that quilt and that quilt is in me. And while others may view them as just blankets, they are much more than fabric and thread. They are me. And unique to me.

What do your quilts say about you?

A fellow journeyman, Jackie

Week in Review April 11

On the home stretch with Christian’s 3-D Space quilt, sewing on a binding on my long arm:2-1-DSCN6468

These were put in the mail this week for the mini (insanity) charm swap.


Prepared these bindings for a couple of quilts:3-DSCN6521

Considering design possibilities for quilting this charm pack quilt:


Got to spend time with this little guy as he started a veteran quilt.


We had quite the discussion on what a veteran was and why we were making the quilts (more on this month’s veteran sew-in in a later post). He also experienced (though Grandma did it) his first ripping out moment and a seam ripper. He was a little distressed but I told him any sewer in my class is told to make friends with their seam ripper. He thought that was quite funny.

Not sure how much sewing I’ll get done this week as I will be spending time with my daughter, son-in-law and 4 grand-children making memories.

Joy in the Journey, Jackie

MQS Photos, Part 2

Strictly eye candy here. Photos from the quilts at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Wichita, KS that I attended last week. I included close-ups since the focus on the quilts was the machine quilting.


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Modern Hexies

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Breaking Wind

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Fern Rising

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Batik Supernova

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Well that’s all folks. Not really but I tried to post the more unique quilts and/or quilting.

Hope you enjoyed all the pretty things. Jackie