Monkey’s On My Back

I’m checking in with Sandy’s 2014 Resolution challenge. She asked us to write 3 monkey’s we wanted off our back for 2014.


My monkeys are…

  1. Writing the pattern for this:Grace Tears and Tantrums
  2. Updating my blog/website
  3. Getting my quilts on Etsy

How do you stall for time?

My results:

  1. Does writing the pattern for this count instead? :) DSCN7486
  2. I am working with Sarah over at SpunMonkey on redoing my website. She was refereed to me by Stephanie from Modern Sewciety YEAH!
  3. My patterns are on Etsy, does that count? I did add a couple of quilts. Still more to go.

Very little progress, but the year is not over. :)

What sewing monkeys are on your back?

Dodging the critters in my life on the journey, Jackie

Monday’s Math with a Moda and Creative Grids

A Joy Batik Jellyroll by Moda +1-DSCN8390 A Creative Grids Double Strip Ruler =2-DSCN8407This: (a)
3-DSCN8421 Or this (b):4-DSCN8423 Or this (c):5-DSCN8425 Or this (c):6-DSCN8427What is your favorite?

Twisting triangles on the Journey, Jackie


Week in Review, Air Force Quilt, Veteran Quilt

A busy, productive and happy week in my studio.

I quilted this for a customer. The quilting isn’t anything special, but I wanted to show off the quilt. I loved how she pieced in the different colors and sizes of uniforms and jackets.

Air Force Uniform

I finished quilting and binding this quilt, the top was given to me to finish for the We Honor Veteran’s quilts I am doing.8-DSCN8475

This one is now on my long arm. I am hoping the design I chose will help move your eye across the quilt so the pattern is more evident than the dark colors. One can hope. :) 1-DSCN8453

I cleaned my studio and rearranged my long arm room (as much as one can rearrange a   7 ft x 17.5 ft room with a  4 ft x 11.5 ft machine in it.2-DSCN8456

Still need to sort, fold and put away this:6-DSCN8471

I started a cutting project for a friend.5-DSCN8468

Got my supplies ready for Mini Club this coming Saturday:3-DSCN8459

Finished my postcard for the fall postcard swap (no spoilers):4-DSCN8466

Played with these:7-DSCN8473

Started on these for a mini craft show (I need brown hair ties):1-DSCN8478

My quilts on display at our local library. 1-DSCN8434

Seems like a lot of little things, though quilting two quilts, even if one wasn’t very large, is no small feat. Certainly a deep clean and rearrange was an undertaking.

What were your highlights for this week?

Productive on the Journey, Jackie


Felted Wool Table Runner

How is it that fabric is just a jumping off place for other things?

Such as wool fibers.2-DSCN3289This wool table runner is my first felted project. I just used the maroon wool piece as a base and just started adding elements. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas in my head of what I wanted the final outcome to look like. 1-Felted Table RunnerFinished it measured 13 x 21. It’s not a very good picture, but the runner no longer belongs to me.

More recent projects include needle books showcased here. I’m working on another project, but I can’t show that yet.

Linking up with Jenny over at Quilt’n Jenny for Throwback Thursday.

So what’s hidden in your past?

Uncovering the past on the Journey, Jackie

Veteran Quilt Finishes

Another We Honor Veteran finish.

1-DSCN8360 Finished size is 38″ x 38″. I decided to do a loopy star to practice free hand straight lines in all directions. 1-DSCN8368 Plus I quilted a top that a guild member gave me to quilt. She is a new quilter and she did a great job piecing. She was happy to let me bind it as well. :) 3-DSCN8374This one finishes 40″ x 40″ and I also did the same stars but instead of loops between the stars, I choose to do an arc around the stars to get to the next spot.
2-DSCN8373Two down, more to go.

Saying thanks through needle and thread on the Journey, Jackie

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Banned Book Challenge

This week is Banned Books Week – September 21-27 and the third year I’ve participated in an online challenge with Sandy and Tanesha.

Year one was The Diary of Anne Frank.

Year two was Tom Sawyer.

And this year it is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.1-DSCN7951

The left side signifies the land where the slaves are bound by ball and chain up to the edge of the river. 2-DSCN7956

On the other side of the river they are no longer bound and free to roam the land with the lettering and stitching showing the freedom. 5-DSCN7959My thoughts on banned and/or challenged books. Banning books is a slippery slope. There are many books that are published and read that I would not read or encourage anyone else to read. However, I know there are some stories that should be told, even if there was only one person to read it. And there are books that I would not want to have removed from the shelves. I am not the judge of what should be or shouldn’t be available and I don’t want anyone else choosing for me. If I have the right to ban a book I don’t agree with, that will give someone else the right to ban a book I want to read.

My local library is going to post my 3 quilts over the next month:

My current read, “White Fang,” by Jack London. I am sure it is a book that should have been part of my high school years, but wasn’t.

Check out more Banned Book quilts over on Flikr.

So what are you reading this week?

Reading and quilting on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review, September 21, 2014

Sigh. It’s been a week. And not sewing productive. Some weeks are like that. This coming week, I am hopeful, will be better. Only I feel stuck…

I have a log jam of quilts to be quilted, including a customer quilt….


One on a long arm… a guild member brought in a top for We Honor Veterans.1-DSCN8351Craft fair items to make… a coffee kozzie from Fat Quarter Shop3-DSCN8359

My leader/ender progress (over the past few weeks) has outgrown the container I started with…2-DSCN8355


Finishing up piecing this….  Ugly Quilt 12-DSCN8077

and this…..   Ugly quilt 24-DSCN8315

This coming week, I am hopeful, will be better. Only I feel stuck…

So what’s under your needle?

Keeping sane on the Journey, Jackie