Leftovers, Fabric That Is

When I made this quilt… details here.


I played with a lot of ideas first….

1-P1080442I kept them along with the fabric scraps to sew this….5-DSCN7615-001This is a project that I started on our mini retreat last Saturday. It is a JoAnn’s tote/ironing mat combo, that I modified. I guess I just can’t leave well enough alone.
One side is a quilted front and the other side is an ironing mat.

I decided that the fabric was too nice to limit the use of the tote so I changed it up some.

I gave it a box bottom, and used the ironing mat as a separate piece (back side photo).
2-DSCN7621-001Here is the inside with a pocket from leftover test pieces.
1-DSCN7624-001Front view of the tote and ironing mat. I love how I was able to fudge and mix and match and put these leftover test pieces to good use. Some Y seams in there and creative piecing to get it to work with what I had, but I love it. 4-DSCN7613-001Close up of the mat’s reverse side.


So how do you put your leftover blocks to use?

Using up leftovers on the Journey, Jackie

What to do, what to do?

This is part of the ugly fat quarter challenge I am participating in. The finished piece does not have to be very large, but I have many fabrics that have the same primitive tone as the fabric I choose (sight unseen) so I thought I would make a quilt or two (crazy I know).

I thought about combining these two blocks:

For one of these looks:

But I’m not sure I like it so here is another option using just one of the blocks:

Or this using the other block:

And then there are options with my mistake blocks:

I’m stuck. I have many of the pieces cut, but more fabric I can bring in if I were to do 2 quilts. Phew.

What would you do? What blocks do you like and why?

Stumped on the Journey, Jackie

Stone Wall Quilt and Pattern

This quilt…1-DSCN7488-001was inspired by this fabric…1-DSCN6939

after I made this quilt:.. (still in process)


The original quilt is for my son-in-law and my daughter voted for the cream sashing. I really wanted to see what it would look like in black, but I also wanted to try a pattern simmering in my head.


I love the black sashing and I really love the pattern. This one finishes 51 inches x 71 inches. I did a free motion square pattern for the quilting.

This pattern includes 3 sizes, baby (41×51), lap (51×71) and double/queen (71×91). Fabric requirements include guides for fat quarters, layer cakes or yardage. It is quick and easy with no matching seams so it is perfect for a beginner quilter or a quick gift.

Here is a peek at the baby sized quilt. More on this one later. 1-DSCN7594

Stone Wall can be found on my Crafty or Etsy shop.

Having fun on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review

This was not a week for quilting. Though I did so some sewing. A lot of sewing. Yards and yards of sewing.

I had hoped to finish up this tote that I started at mini retreat last Saturday.


And work out the thoughts swirling in my head with this “ugly fabric challenge” quilt:

And make a purse, though no pattern decided on yet.

Instead I made 4 13 ft long two-toned curtain panels. For someone else. Phew!

1-DSCN7570“Measure twice, cut once” is standard when working with fabric. I must tell you, I measured and remeasured numerous times. I was so afraid of cutting a foot or yard short, and getting the placements of the second fabric in the correct spot that I checked over and over again. These are not for me. I hope when they are hung they are correct. I’m pleased with how they finished up but oh so glad they are done.

I did post about Christian’s birthday quilt (his birthday was yesterday) and a Word Art Quilt that was delivered.

I did finish the pattern for this: Stone Wall3-DSCN7483

Back to regularly scheduled quilting next week.

Did you get to quilt this week?

Ready to quilt on the Journey, Jackie

Happy Birthday Christian

Happy Birthday big boy! 1-DSCN6560I know you are the last to get your birthday quilt for the year, but now you have your own!

Now you have a matching quilt with Colson, I hope you like the colors I choose for you. 1-DSCN64663-DSCN5828

Love you, Grandma.

Word Art Quilt

This quilt was commissioned by someone at work. It is actually the third quilt I have made for her that she has given as gifts. This one includes words that are meaningful to her husband’s grandfather. It was for his 80th birthday. The empty center spot is where is his name is. 3-DSCN7382She gave me the words and I put them into the format you see above and sent it off to Spoonflower to print.

Here is a closeup of my corner pattern. 2-DSCN7377

I quilted in the ditch and just a couple of lines through the panel. I sewed the binding on by machine. I first attach the binding to the front and fold it over to the back, the same as if you were going to hand bind and then I stitch in the ditch from the front, catching in the back. Sometimes it works out really really well. 
The quilt finishes at 28 x 34 and will be used as a lap quilt. As it is passed down through the family it will be hung on the wall. 

Have you made recent treasures lately?

Creating treasures on the Journey, Jackie

Veteran Sew in for July

This month will have a lot of pictures because Grace and Noah came to make quilts as well and I partial for my grand-kids so of course I am going to show them off. Don’t fear, I did take pictures of the adults, most however would prefer that I didn’t. :)

Taking care of the important things before sewing:2-DSCN7515Getting down to business.

Whoops, darn that wandering needle!3-DSCN7524Noah started a veteran quilt a couple of months ago so he had a head start on his blocks and was able to play with them on the design wall after he finished piecing his pairs together.


He is not afraid of pins, can you tell?4-DSCN7532

Ann finished quilting and was able to get ready to bind for our next sew-in. 5-DSCN7546Bonnie, Linda and Mary are steadily working away at strip piecing. 8-DSCN75417-DSCN75236-DSCN7539

My chairs are on wheels and one ironing board has been lowered so all you have to do is wheel around and iron from your chair!

It was a great night and I thank you all.

Grateful on the journey, Jackie