Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters

I’m a saver. Hence, while I have a decent stash (I’m also addicted) I am quite tight with my money. Unless I have set is aside for something.

Currently I will stash a $20.00 whenever I can for quilt shows and road trips. However I am seriously considering getting a Silhouette Cameo cutter for fabric applique. I’m not however willing to part with fabric money for one.

Hence the coins. Val over at Val’s Quilting Studio is hosting a Piggy Bank Challenge.

And I’m in.

This is my current piggy bank, not very large…3-DSCN7473

and already very full. 4-DSCN7474 Here is another place I store coins….5-DSCN7476 But it’s also where I take them from.6-DSCN7477 Here is my husband’s coin stash container….7-DSCN7480Do you think he’ll notice if I empty this….
8-DSCN7481 Into this….2-DSCN7470I guess I better get busy. I choose a large mouth jar, not so I would dip into it, but so it would hold 1 and 5 dollar bills. 1-DSCN7469In the meantime, I have an entire year to decide if I really want the silhouette cameo.

Come join in on the fun and start saving for something special now.

Saving on the Journey, Jackie

Yellow Brick Road Finish

Yellow Brick RoadThis is a quilt with quite a past and maybe that is why I forgot to write about it.

It started here with my floor tiles. Amazing what a sleepless night may bring. 2 Floor

Here is the pattern shown in fabric

The next thing I post is my sad sad tale of ripping out all my beautiful quilting here. Yellow Brick Road

From the time I ripped out the stitches above I moved from my domestic machine to a long arm. This is the first quilt I did on my long arm. I tried all kinds of patterns. Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road 3-DSCN5085

There is quite the learning curve and this took me forever.

Here is the back, I used leftover pieces to make it large enough. Yellow Brick RoadThis was planned as a gift, but I have to keep it, to remember where I started. It now hangs in the room with my long arm. Finished it is 58 x 81.

Pleased on the Journey, Jackie


Week in Review





Soon to start, a non-quilting project:
5-DSCN7434A finish:4-DSCN7421

Sadly or happily, depending on how you look at it, there are many other projects in various stages of completion. These are just the ones I worked on this past week.

What about you?

Getting things done on the journey, Jackie


Disappearing Pinwheel Times Two

Times two, not because I made two, but because when I was making it I kept getting my turns mixed up. So I ended up with a planned mistake. I finally gave it and worked to bet the patterns and colors to balance. 

1-DSCN7417This is a result of two Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials.

Disappearing Pinwheel:2-DSCN7418


and Disappearing Pinwheel 2:3-DSCN7419I did make some adjustments to the pattern to make your measurements work out easier that I explain in this earlier post.

4-DSCN7421This quilt finished is 32 x 43. A nice baby sized quilt suitable for either gender.

This was a while in the making. Are there any finishes for you this weekend?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Two Minkee’s, Green and Blue

I am in the process of reviewing my 2014 goals and discovered that I finished this quilt and never posted about it.

3-DSCN7335I had several packages of Minkee charms and decided the best way to piece them was to alternate a cotton (in this case flannel) square to help control the stretch in the Minkee fabric. More on my process is found in the first one that I made here.

I did free motion butterflies in the Minkee squares. Some of them are pretty wonky. It is hard to see where you have been while sewing. 2-DSCN7339 Quilted flowers in the flannel squares. 1-DSCN5770This one finishes at 32 x 42. A perfect play mat for a baby.

Here are pictures of one that I made with mostly blues, and greens for a boy. I have already given it as a gift so no pictures of the finished quilt.

On the long arm, I practiced using a circular ruler. 1-DSCN6816Here is a picture of the back. 2-DSCN6845If I remember correctly it measured 36 x 42. Forgetting to take pictures seems to have become a habit. :)

Any hidden finishes in your closet?

Forgetful on the Journey, Jackie

Six Month Check in for 2014

My New Year’s WIP update:

Ten completes out of 14, not too shabby.

2014 Goals Update:

  • Space quilts one for Caiden – complete
  • Space quilt, one for Christian, complete, waiting for his birthday in July to post
  • Mini Charm Veteran quilt – little progress
  • Space quilt panel – no progress
  • Christmas Panel – no progress
  • Selvage Edge Quilt – no progress
  • Dog leases - see the post. :)
  • Layer Cake quilt – cutting/sewing stage, progress here.
  • Christmas cards – no progress
  • Christmas ornaments – Mostly completed, I want to make more
  • 2 Different sets of charm packs – have ideas floating in my head
  • Japanese taupes – I wonder if this will make it off this list this year

Not on the list but completed:

I’m participating in Sandy’s quilting resolutions and she had us list 3 monkeys we wanted off our back. Sadly, it wasn’t until this weekend (and an extra day off) that I started on one of them and that is to update my website. I haven’t started that yet, but I have started researching options. I’d much rather be sewing. Sigh.

I may have those monkeys yet to contend with, but I am getting a lot of sewing done. Any monkeys in your life?

Still dodging monkeys on the Journey, Jackie

Cutting and Sewing Insanity

One layer cake:Layer Cake SquaresSome yardage:



A flock of geese:1-DSCN7342

And multiplied by 4:3-DSCN7359

A lot of half square triangles (3 1/2 inch when trimmed):4-DSCN7361

and a bazillion 1 1/2 inch half square triangles:

a little left over:2-DSCN7354

Now for pattern planning. A little backwards I know….

Any insanity in your life?

Insane (and tired) on the Journey, Jackie