Tooth Fairy Pillows 2015

This is year 3 for the local school PTA mom’s come to help make tooth fairy pillows for the Kindergarten classes. Photos from last year are here. 

I had two younger helpers this year:Calab sewing Kennedy stuffing Calab and KennedyBusy working away:
Tooth fairy Pillows Mindy & KenyaTooth fairy Rachel sewingTooth fairy viriginaThe finish, 60 stuffed pillows later:Tooth fairy finishAnd then there is the fun: :) Kennedy and Caleb were delightful and worked hard.Having funSmiling at the antics of the younger ones, on the Journey, Jackie

Where Women Create – Quilters Book Review

I am a big fan of the Where Women Create magazine. They are exceptionally well done and full of amazing and inspiring photos. On a trip to the library I also picked up the book “Where Women Create-Quilters: Their Quilts, Their Studios, Their Stories.”

Where Women Create Quilts

I loved reading the stories, and getting a glimpse of the their studio’s. The book features 20 quilt artists with different styles as well as a link to online quilt blocks they each featured.

If you like to hear a little of the history behind a quilter as well as having eye candy on your shelf this is a book you will want to browse through or own.

Relaxing with a good book on the Journey, Jackie

Week in Review, January 25, 2015

This came off the long arm:Close up Quilting on Strip Scrap quilt

This went on:Mini Charm Veteran quilt

Started Charlotte’s Scrap in a Box Clue 1, I barely got started and I have pieces cut for 2 quilts. SighScrap in a box boy

Prepared supplies and set up studio for this year’s Kindergarten PTA mom’s tooth-fairy pillow making tomorrow night. We’ll be making 60. Pictures from last year are here.Toothfairy Pillows

Trimmed up scrap strip blocks for another selvage edge quilt:Scrap Trimmings

Here the blocks are with a sashing option:Selvage Edge Quilt large

Here is my progress on the small selvage edge quilt: Selvage Edge Quilt sm

I’m on the home stretch with this hand piecing quilt, though I suspect it will still be a few weeks out. Just a row of white hexagons to add:Hexagon quilt progress

More progress on this selvage edge crochet rug:Selvage Edge Rug

Prepared and placed the starting point of the binding for Grace and Noah’s veteran’s quilt. I plan to sit with them one-on-one the next time I have a chance to sew with them. Binding for Grace and NoahLittle bits here and there are a variety of projects. Time and location determine what I work on when. I also cleaned up my studio in preparation for Monday night’s event.

I never get all I hope to do in a week done, but doing this is a good reminder of what I did. Most weeks I realize I did more than I thought.

It may be the end of the week, but I am in the middle of lots of projects! :)

What did your week look like?

Busy but happy on the Journey, Jackie

First Quilting Experience

Noah and Grace have participated in my veteran quilt sew-ins and finished up piecing their tops a couple of weeks ago. I set up a time for them to come over to do their quilting on the long arm. Cuteness warning ahead, but remember grandma is bias.

I set up their quilts side by side so they could alternate their stitching time. 
Grace and Noah QuiltingAs much as possible I let them guide the machine though even with stools it was challenging for them. Grace and Noah Quilting CollageProud moments:Noah Quilting 3 Grace Quilting 3They wanted to make sure I got a picture of them with the back of the quilt. Grace and Noah Quilting 1I have squared up the quilts and cut the binding. I’ll probably work with them one on one to attach the binding. 

Almost there! On the Journey, Jackie


Wondering Wednesday’s, What Would You Do?

I am wondering what direction to go with these scrap quilts.

Selvage edge strip squares in 4.5 and 3.5 blocks:Selvage Edge blocks

Put them together in one quilt, alternating rows? This is just of a multitude of ideas. Selvage Edge Options

Or separately?

Selvage Edge Layout optionsI’m loving this layout. Selvage Edge Quilt Layouts

Then there are the 1.5 inch squares that I am piecing in 9-patch fashion.Mini Charm Square Piles

I have LOTS more to put together, including cream/white blocks. Here are a couple of options assuming I alternate a color with cream. I love how you see the pop of color with a lot of character.Mini Charm CollageI know there are many more options. Do you have favorites? Suggestions.

Wondering and pondering on the Journey, Jackie

Strip Quilt Finish, One Down, More to Go…

This was a while in the making as I collected strips, but I can finally say it is done with a smaller cousin still in process on the long arm. Strip quilt FinishFinished size 49 x 72. The squares were pieced on phone book paper cut 7 inches square. I started with a center white strip and worked out on either side. No rhyme or reason. Just pieced to cover the paper. I trimmed to 6.5 inches to have squares finish at 6 inches.

For quilting I used inspiration from Angela Walters “Dot to Dot” class on Craftsy (affiliate link) and Cindy Needham’s Ultimate Stencils.I taped where I needed to make my marks for each corner of the square. Strip Quilt Front Close-up

Cindy Needham TemplatesHere is a close-up of the back.Strip Quilt Back close-upWhile using rulers is still not my favorite the practice has been good.

I’m working on a couple of selvage edge strip quilts and I am nearing the point of being weary of them. Part of me says, “put them away,” another part of me says, “get them finished and be done!”

What would you do? When you are weary with a project or several, do you forge ahead and finish or put them out of sight?

Glad for a finish, wanting to be done, on the Journey. Jackie

Week in Review, January 18, 2016

Got these quilt tops ready for Noah and Grace to quilt:
Grace and Noah's Veteran Quilt Tops

This came off the long arm:Strip quilt Finish

This went on the long arm:Strip Quilt 2

Sewed selvage edge and skinny strips (less than 3/4 inch) end to end for my rag rug:Rag Rug

I made this card – twice. Didn’t get a picture of the first one before I gave it to someone so I made a second one. Thank you card

Had many more plans but a busy week and cold kept me out of my studio much of the time.

What did your week look like?

Taking stock on the Journey, Jackie